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Domain Specific Language

At home we are proud to be using:

Ruby on Rails

Ruby and its outstanding framework, Rails, is the predilect language I've used on my projects and which I prefer to work on.

Git and Github

The Version Control System is maybe one of the more important tools that any Developer should learn.


I like to test and deploy my apps on Heroku. Its free tier is always enough for any hobbyist project and can scale to production-sized apps easily.

Some of my projects:


This fancy bot just remind you to clean the air conditioner filter each month. It is written in Ruby and deployed on Heroku.



This is a colaborative and Open Source project to teach and learn the Git basis. It is deployed on Netlify.

@Learn to Git Repository
@Learn to Git on Netlify

RapaNui Cargo

RapaNui App consists in a back office system for on-site office work and an Api to check packages statuses. Work on an already in production Ruby on Rails project, some fixes and new functions added.

@RapaNui Cargo